Consumer Insights

Insights about consumers should form the foundation for smart business decisions. We are experts in collecting data, distilling insights, and turning information into action.


Behavioral Analysis

We make sense of data to understand the causes and effects of consumer behavior. We combine large-scale quantitative research with in-depth qualitative inquiry to deliver our clients a holistic understanding of why consumers act in the ways we do.

We are very curious people. This shared trait drives us to crunch numbers, run experiments, and test new theories about human behavior - even when there is no client involved. Our Team's work has been published in top academic journals across a variety of disciplines and has been covered in publications such as The Economist and The Washington Post. We are able to deliver these novel behavioral insights to our clients, giving them an accelerated competitive advantage in product development and marketing.
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Cultural Intelligence

Our Cultural Intelligence Practice evaluates cultural trends across time and space. A firm grasp of trends in culture helps our clients anticipate shifts in consumer demand so they can adapt their product and marketing strategies effectively.

The Langston Co. recently partnered with Centiment to conduct the first-ever Millennial Cities Survey to reveal fundamental truths about this generation. The insights have implications for residents, city planners, municipal governments, and private organizations looking to attract and retain talent.


It's the world of big data, AI, and machine learning. We embrace quantitative research and welcome an era where numbers drive business decisions. Yet we'd be remiss to neglect the power of qualitative research in explaining the "why" behind our numbers. Our Ethnography Practice engages customers in in-depth interviews and in-home usage tests.

Some of the most innovative insights we’ve delivered to our clients have roots in qualitative research. Why? Because observational studies and in-depth discussions with consumers often reveal unexpected motivations, behaviors, and attitudes. Once identified, these characteristics can be quantitatively assessed through surveys and in-market tests.


More than 70% of innovations fail to meet financial goals - often because they are mispriced. Businesses that take a data-driven pricing strategy are less likely to fall victim to this unnecessary fact.

The Langston Co. believes pricing is a science. Generating the right price for the right market requires intimate knowledge of cutting-edge research approaches and an ability to test and iterate quickly.

User Experience Research

UX Research is a broad area of inquiry centered around how users discover and engage with companies and their products. We find out how consumers experience products, identify what motivates them to buy, discover barriers to engagement and re-purchase, and shed light on opportunities to optimize products for user delight. Whether digital, physical, or experiential, product success begins and ends with a deep understanding of users.

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