Improving Employee Retention Through Surprising New Insights

Case Story #4

The Challenge

Our client, a mid-sized company with approximately 200 employees, experienced a spike in employee churn. It was unclear why employees had become so dissatisfied within such a short period of time, and the company's employee satisfaction surveys were of no help in figuring out the conundrum.

Our Approach

We first engaged junior, mid-level, and senior employees across all functions of the company in focus groups to qualitatively assess company and team dynamics. We then implemented Employee Value Management, a survey-based system that evaluates exactly what matters most to employees and how well the company is doing along each dimension.

The Insight

Our client had massively underestimated the value of job flexibility to their employees while overestimating the importance of bonuses. Furthermore, the company suffered from a crisis of confidence -- gross misalignment caused employees to believe the company was headed in the wrong direction.

Thriving Employees

Our client took swift action against these insights. They de-emphasized their bonus incentive program; focused on relaxing their policies around work hours and remote working; and implemented managerial initiatives to create better alignment and transparency around key objectives. This collection of data-driven actions led to increases in employee retention and dramatic improvements in satisfaction.



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