Making Sense of America's Fast Food Revolution

Case Story #2

The Challenge

American fast food is in the midst of an all-out revolution, with “fast casual” brands such as Chipotle, Noodles and Co, and Panera competing against traditional juggernauts like McDonald's and Subway. We were tasked with identifying the key value drivers for fast food consumers and mapping out the competitive landscape of the fast food industry.

Our Approach

We collected data from a representative sample of US fast food consumers and applied Langston's proprietary PRISM methodology to understand the drivers of value for consumers in this space. We found that while brands do need to worry about where they are winning and losing to deep-pocketed competitors, the real opportunity in this industry is differentiation. We gathered key data that allowed restaurants to understand which segments of the market love their brand, and which are unreasonable to try winning over.

The Insight

Instead of sinking cash into marketing to customer segments that are long-gone, we identified the areas of their own business where restaurants can create a competitive edge by delivering value and separating themselves through differentiated offerings. We also identified clear fault lines in the competitive landscape that restaurants can exploit to drive deeper loyalty among their target customer group.

Insights Ignite Growth

In a stagnant market, the only way to increase market share is by acquiring your competitors' customers. Leveraging our insights, our partners gained visibility into the drivers of loyalty and value among the consumers they had desperately been trying to acquire. The result? Year-over-year revenue and market share growth with target consumer groups.



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