Catalyzing Growth For A Major Vehicle and Boat Manufacturer

Case Story #3

The Challenge

One of the leading manufacturers of metal accessories for boats and off-road vehicles came to us with an interesting problem. They had seen a decline in share of shelf space among the retailers who stocked their products, and it was happening even though satisfaction surveys from those customers weren’t declining. The company did not have time or budget to launch an all-out redesign of their customer satisfaction program, so we helped them re-organize the data they already had to develop a better understanding of what had changed in the business.

Our Approach

Our team used an innovative statistical approach to retrofit the company’s existing customer satisfaction data into the PRISM model. With surprisingly strong model fits and statistical validity, we were able to re-orient their survey data around the concept of value creation for customers. Suddenly, it was easy to see what was changing in customer’s minds.

The Insight

As the company had grown quickly over the last several years, their product assortment had broadened and improved, but many critical elements of service had not kept pace. Essentially, this company was improving the value they offered to end-users (owners of boats and off-road vehicles) while allowing the value they provided to retailers to slip. This was a critical point because it was the retailers who chose which products to stock and how to advise the owners of vehicles and boats on which brands of accessories to buy.

Identifying Blue Ocean Opportunities

Upon seeing our insights, the company renewed its dedication to the core relationship-building skills that had allowed it to become the dominant market player in the first place. Operating at its larger scale, this was not as easy the second time around. Now with a much larger business, the company had to invest in new processes to deliver product consistently on time, keep retailers informed of shipment status and progress, and support them with key information about the features and specifications of the entire product line.
In the end, the revelations uncovered by our team, combined with implementation of our strategic operational metrics to directly track progress, allowed the company to mend the faults in its armor as the market leader.



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