Millennial Cities Survey

Case Story #1

The Challenge

Millennials are looking to find the city that will deliver high living standards at low costs. City and state governments want to sustain population growth with highly productive young residents. And companies of all sizes must attract and retain top talent. We set out to answer: Where do millennials enjoy the highest quality of life?

Our Approach

We partnered with Centiment to collect more than 125,000 data points directly from millennial consumers across the United States. Respondents rated their cities on a variety of dimensions from cultural and career opportunities to recreation, local schools, traffic, and the cost-of-living. The Langston Co. team applied a number of advanced techniques to extract core findings from the information.

The Insight

While Houston comes out on top for offering best value, other cities take the top spot in key areas, such as Portland (#1 Parks & Green Spaces), Los Angeles (#1 Climate), and New York (#1 in Diversity). Click below to see the full rankings and to explore the findings.

What's Next?

In 2019 and early 2020, The Langston Co. will provide in-depth workshops and strategic consulting to city governments and a highly selective group of companies to better understand the factors that millennials care most about when choosing where to reside. The goal of these workshops is to empower policy-makers and business executives with knowledge to attract and retain top-tier talent.



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