We believe that winning strategies are born out of passion and curiosity because success is driven by your ability to meet the unique demands of your own customers, employees, and investors. That’s why there’s no universal formula for success.

We find truth about people in every setting and translate that information into strategies that win.



The world’s most profitable companies have one thing in common - they create value for customers in a way that no competitor in the market can match. There’s a reason that only a handful of companies enjoy perennial success and profitability: delivering unparalleled value to customers is incredibly hard. That’s why we created PRISM.

PRISM is a holistic tool that puts customers, and the goal of creating value for them, at the center of all your data and decision-making. Leveraging internal knowledge, customer surveys, and process mapping, this system connects consumer insights directly to your business operations. The resulting framework is easy to interpret and allows you to measure and manage the impact of everything you do on customer engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty.

Market Segmentation

Effective product, sales, and marketing strategies rely on an accurate understanding of the market. Market segmentations should be digestible to stakeholders across an organization. They should be rooted in quantitative rigor but enriched with useful creative elements. And above all, they should serve as a key input in strategic decision-making. Whether you are launching a new product into the world, identifying new opportunities for expansion, or honing your message for a new consumer group, we tailor your segmentation needs to fit your short- and long-term goals..

Employee Value Management

Employees are the critical resource that allows business to create value for customers. To fuel your customer value machine, the business must sustainably create value for employees. The Langston Co.'s approach to employee surveys goes way beyond job satisfaction - we help our clients understand exactly what creates value for employees in their organization, how well they're doing, and what to do next. All of our insights are framed in the context of your competitors' performance - because attracting and retaining talent is a competitive game.

Gone are the days of low-impact employee climate surveys. Get ready to be excited about understanding your talent's experience at work.

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